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Dr. Kadisha is an acclaimed board certified emergency medicine physician. She is an expert in resuscitation, and treating a vast array of conditions, from minor to critical.

Dr. Kadisha is a nationally recognized author, speaker, consultant, and media personality.  Dr. Kadisha is also the founder and Chief Medical Advisor of DrKadishaMD.com, K.B. Rapp M.D. Medical Concierge, and shares her knowledge via YouTube channel “RappMD TV.”  With her credentials, “calm amidst chaos” bedside manner, and decades of experience working in urban and suburban emergency departments, it’s no wonder that this doctor is renowned as the “Entertainment Industry Mobile M.D.”

You Will Learn

The reasons that nutrition is more important than physical exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

The reasons that exercise increases appetite.

The truth about prostate health and ways to avoid erectile dysfunction. 

As a man that has hypertension and works out regularly I am thankful for this PDF. I enjoyed learning ways to improve my health with proper nutrition and exercise.  Many people including myself think working out and not smoking will go a long ways towards staying healthy.  After reading this PDF i also understand that eating right is more important then exercising.  I highly recommend that you read this PDF. Thanks so much Dr. Kadisha!

DeJarvis Floyd
Support Technician, Fearless Marketing