It’s always a challenge to find just the right speaker for your event. I understand how important it is to find someone who can give a strong, relevant message while authentically connecting to your audience. With that being said, I am honored that you have stopped by to consider me.



Here’s what you can expect from me and my team:

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  • A personal phone consultation with a member of my team prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  • An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  • Presentations will be professionally prepared and dynamically delivered, focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  • Speeches will be customized to suit your event theme.
  • Hosted events will be fun and high energy while keeping the crowd engaged.


  • How to get into medical school –beyond the Biology major
  • What happens when plans don’t go your way?
  • Stay OUT of the ER and on the path to your dreams: Health, wellness, and safety for success for young adults
  • Quick treatments for common ailments.

  • How best to get the most out of your ER visit
  • Quick treatments for common ailments for kids and adults.
  • Why we should listen to God about sex, drugs and alcohol…

  • How can I keep my employees free from injury?
  • Mental Illness in the workplace
  • Quick treatments for common ailments.

  • Heart disease/Asthma/High Blood pressure/STD’s: know your risk factors
  • How to get the most from an ER visit
  • Staying healthy on tour
  • Quick treatments for common ailments for kids and adults.

Dr. Kadisha is also able to create customized presentations to suit your audience.

If you would like to check my availability for your event, or if you have some questions before proceeding, please complete the form to the right or email My assistant Liz Davies at daviesliz2000@gmail.com.