Mask Myths and Facts!

Mask Myths and Facts!

Mask wear during these times is a HOT TOPIC!

Facts, fiction, and fiery debates abound surrounding the good and bad of the face mask.
Based on changes in the mask mandates in our towns, cities, and states, we also need to keep clean masks handy, in a clean dry place in our cars at all times.
So, we need to understand the myths and facts about masks!

Myth #1: Cloth masks don’t protect you.

Fact: Cloth face masks are indeed effective. They provide a barrier between your mouth and nose, and those around you. So yes, cloth masks protect others from YOUR respiratory droplets, they protect YOU from large respiratory droplets, AND remind you to avoid touching your face.

Myth #2: Masks can cause build-up of carbon dioxide.

Fact: Properly fitted masks offer adequate airflow while still covering your nose and mouth, making dangerous accumulation of carbon dioxide IMPOSSIBLE.

Myth #3: All masks must be thrown out after one use.

Fact: The CDC advises recommends routinely washing cloth face coverings after each time you wear one. Cloth masks are safe for machine washing, and placement in the dryer with other clothes. This should kill any virus remaining on the mask.

Myth #4: If you’ve had coronavirus, you don’t need a mask.

Fact: It is NOT YET KNOWN if having been infected with coronavirus, including having a positive antibody test, means you are immune from getting the infection again, or how long the immunity will last. So, you could possibly be infected again. Everyone should

Myth #5: You don’t need to wear a mask outside.

Fact: Yes, being outside is considered safer than being inside. Taking a stroll, or being active outside alone or with people you live with doesn’t require a mask. However, when you cannot stay at least SIX FEET away from people you do not live with, from people you pass on the sidewalk, from people you share an elevator with, it is very important to wear a mask.

To keep your masks their cleanest, keeping them in a waterproof case you would want to carry in your pocket, backpack or handbag.

To that end, I have created The Mini Mobile MD Kit, that contains surgical masks, gloves, sanitizer, even forehead thermometer strips and ear savers, should your mask loops become loose, or your ears become irritated. I also have reusable cotton masks in the colors everyone loves, with exhalation valves, with a month’s worth of filters included, sold separately.

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