Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! This situation may continue for months to come, it is not going away by Easter or April 30th , so we need to get used to a “new normal,” for now.

So far there have been no confirmed cases of transmission of COVID-19 via food.

J. Kenju, Chef, the author of the, “The Food Lab,” and Chief culinary advisor of Serious Eats gave this take on food safety when interviewed by Don Lemmon on CNN.

The food is not the way COVID-19 is transmitted, but the person to person interaction is where the transmission concerns lie. Consider having the food delivery person place your food at the door or front desk and leaving before you open the door and pick it up. If you do meet the delivery person, have your own pen or be ready to sanitize your hands after using theirs.

If going to the grocery store, try to get food that can last you at least a week or two to avoid unnecessary exposure.

Plan. Make a list so you can get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Keep your distance in line, 3 to 6 feet.

Use the self-checkout line.

Avoid cash if you can.

Use touchless pay systems if possible.

Paper or plastic? Both are considered safe.

Sanitize hands after using the checking out machines and leaving the grocery store.



Cook food at 149 degrees F for at least 3 minutes.

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